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Bushido braid 40lb moss green


The Best of Show Award for Fishing Line at China Fish 2015 went to American Tackle Company for their newly announced Bushido Combat Braid. “I’m thrilled to say the least.” says Joe Meehan, President of American Tackle. “I’m so happy for our team–we’ve put great effort in putting this all together and I’m over-the-top thrilled with the win. I am convinced this is the finest line on the planet and I know that we have a product that can compete with the best. Thanks to our team at China Fish, Darrin Heim, Dan Paluch and Gerald Cong for their hard work and dedication to excellence. These braids have been fished by professionals who demand the highest quality available. The test results were so impressive that we can state with confidence these lines will be some of the best offered anywhere in the world. They offer the perfect rigidity for both spinning and casting applications,” added Meehan.


American Tackle launched their low visibility Moss Green 8X and a high visibility 8X in Chartreuse in the 10lb to 65lb range at the China Fish Expo in March. Described as one of the roundest 8 carrier braids on the market, they boast ‘ultra’ low diameter, high breaking strength, zero stretch and a high-tech coating that makes them ‘the quietest’ fishing lines ever.



•Intensified Signal Relay Zero elongation, meaning no line stretch, creates enhanced lure control and direct transmission of fish strikes with immediate hook sets.

•Extreme Abrasion Resistance Bass Professional designed with the ultimate materials & methods focused on peak performance on the water in extreme conditions.

•Thinner Line Diameter Utilizing stronger multiple individual fibers creates extreme diameter to strength ratios exceeding industry standards.

•Advanced Super Slick Coating Technology & science meet to create a long lasting, smooth friction free surface for the ultimate line performance & longevity.

•Stronger Than All 4-Strand Braid Cutting-edge manufacturing technology interlaces numerous PE fiber strands together for superior breaking strength.

•Quiet & Smooth Casting Innovative round line construction is encapsulated by an unsurpassed coating process decreasing line flow friction.

•Reduces Line Twist and Knotting Tight Diamond weave pattern creates the roundest braid on the market translating into less line twist & fewer wind knots.

•Non-Absorbent Engineered to prevent water absorption to maintain line buoyancy while sealing the line from grime & damaging particulates.



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