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             Bushido Rod Series Information

1)  MB - This series will do it all!  The MB 73 - 8/15 and MB 73 - 10/20 are two of the most versatile rods made.  They handle everything from wacky rigs to Carolina rigs!  Our most popular series by far.

2)  DS - Our drop shot rods are used by some of the best drop shoters on Lake fork!  Its just a perfect rod for this technique.  Its hard to say how many monster bass Eddie Garrett has caught on this rod!  It has the perfect tip for feeling those light bites with enough backbone to get em out of timber or brush piles.  Check out his web-site  He uses our rod exclusively.

3)  Spinner-bait series rods are a little shorter for those accurate roll cast into brush and around docks.  They will handle up to a 1/2 oz. spinner bait.  If you want to throw big spinnerbait we suggest going to the CB series.

4)  LS - These blanks are not just for salt water!  A lot of guys love these blanks for just about everything.  They are comparable to the MB series but with a little stiffer tip and backbone.

5)  SJ - this rod is one of my personal favorites!  I use this rod on my trips to LA for Bull Reds.  I have caught numerous bulls over 40' on this rod.  Its perfect for chatterbaits, swimjigs and top water too!  After several trips to LA using this rod, there are several guides using the exact rod for trout and redfish.  They've even bought several for family and friends.

6)  CB - These crankbait rods will cover everything from tiny square bills up to the popular 10XD.  I like the 78 10/20 for whopper ploppers!

7)  FS - This is perfect for what its name is - Flippin Stick!  a lot of guys love it for froggin in the heavy slop or thick pads!

8)  SWB - The swimbait rod is a beast!  Designed for those mega swimbaits that a normal rod just can't  handle.